Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Viva Carnaval 2014!!!!

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Hey people!! Its Carnival time here in Goa! So to put you in the mood too, we have put some fun songs they play here every year! Will put an extended post on Carnival soon.

P.s. If you are wondering why it is spelled as  "Carnaval" it is the way its pronounced in Konkani.

Anyway Here's wishing you Viva Carnaval!! **woot woot!!!** 

Ya Ya Maya ya by Remo Fernandes - >

Maria Pitache by Remo Fernandes (The original one, not the crappy version they released in some Hindi movie)

La Bamba!

Que Si, Que No
And not to forget - Lorna's Yo baile Yo!


  1. Lovely post....you have an amazing blog honey...would you like to follow each other...do let me know...stay connected darling...:-)

    1. Thanks! Yes we would love to follow like-minded people :)



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