Monday, 31 March 2014

OOTD - My new Titan Eye plus glasses

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Hello y'all! How is summer shaping up at your end? Goa is melting hot! Temperatures are touching close to 36 degrees already and it get worse thanks to the humidity. In all this melee, I thankfully got a new pair of glasses. Take a look at my new Titan Eye Plus spectacles.

New glasses Alert!

What do I think about them? Frankly I am impressed. I have never had a pair of glasses that were so clear. I am a regular lenses wearer and I always felt like nothing could beat how clear your vision is when you wear lenses. Well, these changed my mind and I feel like I am wearing lenses or nothing at all. I think I am in love.

What I Wore
Top, Jeans - Local shop
Shoes - Westside
Neck piece - Vishal Mega Mart (I swear you get lucky there sometimes) :P
Glasses - Titan Eye Plus

Trying some dramatic ;)



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