Friday, 21 February 2014

OOTD - Masaba Saree and Wedding Madness

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Love the play of colors on this Masaba Saree
Disclaimer : All pictures in this post are courtesy, an amazing photographer - Jonathan Wenzel Fernandes. You can check out his awesome pictures - HERE 

Don't you have that one crazy friend that always instigates you to do the mad-dest things possible?

Meet Pooja. BFF, general crazy person, nice to the world and is as big a foundation-lover as me.
Meet Pooja. BFF, crazy, fun and listens to ALL my rants.
 So why am I telling you about her? Well, because on the eve of the wedding, she decided that I should wear a saree. So next morning, half hour before the wedding, we were hunting for a ready made blouse in the market. We just whizzed past and dont know how we made it happen. The saree was thrown at a neighborhood tailor("Please, saree fall lagake dijiye" *bats eye lashes*), we hunted down a plain black blouse in the market and had to search high and low for my missing black pumps while simultaneously had friends call us (Where are you guys? We were supposed to meet half hour early) And the end result? Here is how we looked -

All demure and innocent!

Pooja got her saree made. She bought her blue plain saree and had a thick gold border sewn on one end and a tiny gold border sewn on the other. I thought it was genius! She has a few sarees commissioned by me now :D

On me is a green-purple-black Masaba saree I picked out online. It has a similar purple and black blouse but I opted to wear a ready made one.

How was the wedding?? Take a look! It was crazy all round!
Epic madness!


  1. Beautiful..lovely saree.
    n pretty clicks

    check out my recent one :Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes Review !!!

    1. Thank you Tejinder! And yes, Blush Real technique brushes are totally on my wishlist!

  2. Beautifulll pics.. loved those crazyy moment.. n ur sarree is just so lovellyy.. <3



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